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SoYoung Mack views the world through an artist’s lens, intrigued, engaged, and inspired by all things designed, be they elements of architecture, fashion, culture, or nature itself. Her eye is constantly drawn to nuances of style and composition, form and color, light and tone, at once recognizing coherent design and envisioning how things might be better balanced, made more subtle or distinct, more resonant or complete.

She believes that excellent design can be achieved in any genre and takes pride in her ability to work within a broad spectrum to create harmonious environments that reflect the lifestyles and sensibilities of her clients. Her design vocabulary ranges from earthy to refined, classic to eclectic, with an extensive working knowledge of international styles.


SoYoung is an associate AIA member. In 1997 SoYoung decided to pursue her love of architecture and design after a 15-year career as a Professional Chef. She became the Interior Design Director at Van der Ryn Architects and The Ecological Design Institute, renowned for sustainable design, where she served for three years. She was also a founding member of the San Francisco Design Center Idea House and Design Studio Programs, a select group of designers chosen to educate the public on the vast resources of the interior design industry. 

For 7 years SoYoung worked extensively for George Lucas on his estate in Marin County. 

She has recently added Window Treatment Specialist for Wesco Screen and Shades to her list of design services.


Please take the opportunity to contact SoYoung to discuss your design needs at 415.272.4991.

SoYoung Mack

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